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KY Lubricants

KY Lubricants

KY Lube is one of the top sexual lubricants on the market. There are many reasons why KY Lubricant is so popular. A few of those reasons include that it feels natural, is great preparation for sex, and is also the #1 doctor recommended lube! Leave the dryness behind. Ky Lube is made for ultimate hydration, combining with your body's natural lubricants for smooth gliding.

Prepare for those intimate nights with KY Lubricant for a go-to choice that is always sure to please. if you're looking for a twist, heat things up under the covers with KY Warming Jelly or KY Intense Pleasure Gel while still getting the KY reliability and brand you trust.

  • Buy KY Love Passion Couples Lubricant | CondomsFast

    K-Y Love Passion Gel Lubricant

    KY LOVE Passion water-based gel helps you nurture the passion in your relationship, heightening excitement for both you and your partner. This intimate gel is part of KY LOVE, a line of couples pleasure gels that make it easy to discover a passionate...

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  • Buy KY Liquid Classic Water Based Lubricant Online | CondomsFast

    K-Y Liquid Lubricant

    K-Y Liquid Personal Lubricant is a unique personal lube that provides reduced friction without leaving behind an unpleasant, greasy residue. The lightweight formula is water-based, so it is easy to rinse off after use and feels as natural as possible...

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  • Buy KY Warming Liquid Personal Lubricant Online | CondomsFast

    K-Y Warming Liquid Lubricant

    KY has built itself as a household name for personal lubricants. The KY Warming Liquid Lubricant is another product in their line that drives home the point. The #1 doctor recommended and most trusted brand. KY Warming Liquid Lubricant offers a warm...

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  • Buy KY Duration Spray Climax Control Spray Online | CondomsFast

    K-Y Duration Spray

    K-Y Duration Male Desensitizing Spray for Men. Please Read Important Note Below about Condom CompatibilityMany men use tricks to distract themselves so that they can last longer in sack... picturing Grandma, thinking about baseball, or using the...

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  • Buy KY True Feel Silicone Based Personal Lubricant Online | CondomsFast


    K-Y True Feel Lubricant

    K-Y True Feel lubricant provides a silky smooth experience for more natural intimacy with your partner. This long-lasting, non-irritating, silicone-based liquid lube does not absorb into the skin and does not need to be reapplied as often. K-Y True Feel...

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